Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I promise our schooling has not been as neglectful as this little blog's postings.


So much for good intentions. 

We're conquering one thing at a time here.

Till next time...


Thursday, November 18, 2010


{a chosen word or phrase of the week to focus on and implement into each day} 


Upon announcing our "theme for the week," I asked the boys what they thought it meant. Jack promptly chimed in, "DON'T GIVE UP!" Yes. I like that. I am finding more and more that I am the one who needs these reminders! Here are some thoughts on our theme for this week:

:: working 'till the job is completely finished.
:: not getting side tracked.
:: responsibilities first!
:: keep trying, keep trying, keep trying.
:: it sometimes takes plain old hard work.
:: listening to the whole matter the very first time.
:: It's always ok to ask for help if you have first given your very best.
:: leaving a place better than when you came upon it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


{a chosen word or phrase of the week to focus on and implement into each day} 


:: a thing or quality having intrinsic worth.
:: remembering the sacrifice of veterans this week.
:: cherishing the freedom we have been given. 
:: thinking upon how we take care of the possessions we have.
:: the most important things being those above any material worth.
:: showing value to each other through our patience, kindness and listening ear.
:: taking care of others things when it is in our possession. 
:: making moments matter.
:: valuing the Word of God. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

bears! Bears! BEARS!

We found this delightful vintage acting of Goldlilocks and the Three Bears, using real bears! And, to our surprise, they use Moon Bears. We JUST got a library book out called Bears! Bears! Bears! by Bob Barner. Since I just read it to Jack before his nap yesterday, we were so excited to match the bear species from the book. Jack described them as the bears with the white "bat" on their chest. I also think this Goldilocks is an adorable little actor!


* Things we learned about MOON BEARS:

1. They have a white crescent moon shape on their chest.

2. They live all across Asia and even in Japan.

3. They make dens in caves but can also climb and sleep in trees.

4. Their playful communication is a clucking sound while they make a huffing sound to warn. 

5. They eat bee hives, fruits, nuts, insects, vegetables. 

6. These bears are being farmed for their bile due to its medicinal purposes used in Chinese medicine. One gall bladder sold for as much as $20,000 in Korea!!!

7. Because they have to insert a tube into the bears on the "farm," the bears are kept in cages so small the bears are not able to move around. Sanctuaries are working to free these bears. 

Tree Party!!! 

Our Craft: 

1.  The boys each drew a moon bear and cut them out (mostly). 
  *Drew's is on top. Jack's is on the bottom. 
2.  While they were doing this, I cut out a trunk from a brown paper bag and tree top out of green paper.
3.  Jack was my gluer for today. 
4.  Then they placed their bears exactly where they wanted them on the tree.
5. Next thing, when they are ready for a bit more, will be to give their bear some food. 

For more, you can check out this National Geographic VIDEO on orphaned moon cubs who are getting special protection from scientists in Russia.

Also, THIS is a great little compilation of games, info, questions and such just on the moon bears. 

Monday, November 1, 2010


{a chosen word or phrase of the week to focus on and implement into each day} 

*photo from my sketchpad. notice the markings showing from the previous pages.
I get a little carried away and almost always break crayons when I use them. 

In the summer issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine (yes, I have officially added homeschool magazines to my accumulating pile), there was an excellent article by Karen Andreola on the Charlotte Mason style of education. I am quite familiar with this style and ever learning more about it through my friend, Richele, who has been beautifully home educating her amazingly creative children for the past several years (including from birth!). And upon reading this article titled, Educating by Faith, NOT FEAR, I was impressed with the specific word ATMOSPHERE that Charlotte Mason used herself in one of her volumes. And from this, knowing I wanted to focus on this aspect, I decided to pick that word for this week. From that came the idea to add the chosen word or phrase (hence, the added [S]) to our school blog.  Something that I want to keep in the forefront of our minds, to be adding to our bushel of character and home. It's so easy to let life slide by day in and day out. This is a step in the direction called intentionality. 

Here is the paragraph that I particularly love from the article:

"Fear also motivates the home teacher. She worries. She worries that her children aren't learning enough- or fast enough. Anxiety hangs in the air. It is natural to want children to learn. But love and faith must be stronger than our fears. Without faith it is impossible to create a peaceful, pleasant, intellectual atmosphere."

Saturday, October 30, 2010

That Season Called Autumn.

FALL begins...and carries on. 

 This was back in beginning of October, when my mom visited for a week. The weather was glorious and the leaves were just starting to show off their brightness & glory. A walk around the neighborhood during a dry spell was in order during a rather rainy week.

I think taking similar paths is a wonderful way to explore our ever-the-same yet ever-changing world. Every time we walk the path around our neighborhood, we find something new to behold. 

 But, we have to have the eyes to not only see, but look.

If only I could remember what this was all about.

"Prickler Bombs" as they are known around here. The nasty thing about them is that when you try to pull them off, they leave all their "quills" behind.

Drew posing with his walking stick. 

**Click HERE for a collection of Nature Walks from around the world!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chapter One.

I LOVED the idea of a special dinner & theme when I saw it on THIS BLOG and really thought it was such a grand way to kick off the school year. So, we had ourselves a fun evening of a nice dinner, making crowns, announcing this years theme, a prayer of dedication and special gifts for everyone. It was loads of fun and got everyone excited for the new beginnings.

Our theme this year is: "BE PREPARED."
I was really struggling with coming up with a theme. I almost stole Nie's theme, but thought that a bit unorthodox! So, the Sunday before we were starting school, John's dad preached a message at church on Rehoboam and how he prepared not his heart for God. It was just what I needed! The whole story of King Rehoboam was such a great picture to me as to how I am each and every day cultivating the hearts and lives of my children. Even though this was a negative example, I thought we could take the positive spin for our theme. Preparing our hearts before God so that we are ready to be used of Him.

Gift Time!

Drew, our 1st grader, received a snake safari hat & matching watch (not shown).

Jack is showing off his new Playmobil knights that he will add to his quiet play time container.

Caiden's first pieces to his own Playmobil collection. The 1-2-3 toys are perfect and safe for little hands (and tasty curiosities!).

Caiden adorned his crown for about 20 seconds. No hats for this boy!

The growing learners . . .

who are always on the verge of imagining!

Ready or not . . . here we come!!!